I like technology but my focus is on people.I am relationship-oriented, favoring the promotion of partnerships between colleagues and Customers which act as enablers for joint teams that deliver solutions.

My story

I started my career as a musician when, in the fourth year of my degree in communication design, I discovered Human Computer Interaction. Afterwards I have done a masters in production and creation in technological arts, in which I did a dissertation about “Design of useful sounds for the user experience”.

I have worked with several companies, having contributed for the development of interactive CDs, e-commerce, elearning, virtual tours, websites, and others.

Professional interests

Preferred areas where I want to evolve.

  • User Experience Design;
  • Service Design;
  • Usability;
  • Interaction Design;
  • Design Thinking;
  • Information Architecture;
  • User Interface Design;
  • User Research;
  • Accessibility.



The UX Book
Process and guidelines for ensuring a quality ux
Rex Hartson & Pardha S. Pyla

Other interests

I like to learn, travel, read, laugh, a good conversation, everything that makes me see the world with new eyes…

I am a "dangerous" Aikido white belt.

Using an installation in Kiasma Museum in Helsinki.

I have already climbed the Kilimanjaro and I will climb the Everest.

I play the piano since I was 3 years old (in this photo in a service station in Iceland).

Reading in Taizé.

When it's necessary I can code.